High Quality Anti-Aging Supplements

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Around the age of 25th , our body starts to age. This means that fewer new cells are created and that errors can occur in cell division. With aging, there is a decrease in NAD +, which is crucial for this cell division and optimization. NMN is a new supplement promoted by Professor David Sinclair of Harvard University U.S.A. NMN is a precursor for the formation of NAD +.

NMN 250mg

With aging it is usually noticeable that the skin loses flexibility. Our appearance starts to show signs of aging. Of course, don’t just think about improvements in your appearance, but also your overall well-being!

Continuing cell division with anti-aging supplements

Telomeres are the ends of the DNA. Because these become shorter with aging and eventually disappear, it can no longer protect the DNA and cell division stops. Cyloastragenol, Astragaloside and even C60 oils can activate a process called “telomerase”. Telomerase can help to maintain or even lengthen telomeres, an important key against aging. Telomerase was awarded a Nobel Prize for this technique in 2009.

The production of new cells is important against aging. By using anti-aging products, vitamins and a healthy lifestyle, you can stimulate this.